Food: Taco Bell Quits Selling Mexican Pizza…Again!

Taco Bell Quits Selling Mexican Pizza…Again!

We told you back in April about the return of Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza after a “hiatus” back in 2020, but apparently…it’s going away AGAIN!


What gives? High demand. In a purported letter to employees that was posted on Reddit it’s not coming back anytime soon. “The Mexican Pizza will return later this year,” the letter offers. “You’ll hear more from us as that date approaches… we’re working diligently with our restaurant and suppliers to get more back in the hands and stomachs of our biggest fans.”


Also delayed: "Mexican Pizza: The Musical," a live music production that included Dolly Parton as one of its creators. As you may know, the debut had been planned for May 26th. The company said that the musical will still go on, but fans will need to keep their eyes open for more information on the new debut date.

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The Next Supply Chain Shortage: Movie Theater Popcorn?



The latest supply chain concern is a projected shortage of MOVIE THEATER POPCORN, which could be months away. And even if theaters can keep it in stock, they may have to charge even MORE to customers.



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What's Better? Going to a Restaurant or a Backyard Barbecue?



Burgers and dogs aren't exactly fine dining. So this has more to do with atmosphere and how we like to socialize . . .



A lot of Americans hosted or went to barbecues over Memorial Day weekend. But would you have preferred to be at a RESTAURANT instead? If you answer yes, you're in the minority.



Someone asked 2,000 Americans what they prefer, restaurants or backyard cookouts. And 76% of us would rather be at a barbecue with friends. The fact that it's also a lot cheaper probably factored in too.


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Popeyes Has Big New Menu Plans

Popeyes had a big hit with their chicken sandwich over the past couple of years, but according to President Sami Siddiqui, more change – and menu items – are coming…it’s just going to take a minute.

  • Siddiqui admits takes a really long time to bring new items to the menu and the chicken sandwich took multiple years to go from an idea to a menu item.
  • Why? Research is done to identify who their guests are and are not and a team of 10 chefs comes up with the ideal product. From there, new ideas go to sensory, marketing and operational testing, which can take between one- and three-years.
  • As part of that, you can expect plant-based items (as Popeyes currently has a red-bean burger already available in the U.K.)
  • Staffing crunches have opened the door for automation to improve the efficiency of food prep, but he doesn’t see robots in Popeye's future.
  • Siddiqui sees more expansion internationally with some items customized for the market they are in such as China’s chicken sandwich actually made of dark meat and an “Asia Spicy” chicken in Vietnam because of desire for more spice in that country.

Outside of food, Popeyes is putting a focus on digital. Almost 20% of the chain’s sales now come from digital orders through the app and delivery services as opposed to 0% before the pandemic.

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Taco Bell To Hand Out Free Tacos And Donate Funds To Childhood Hunger Campaign

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