Crazy Criminalz: Someone Stole the Tires off Owen Wilson's Tesla 

Someone Stole the Tires off Owen Wilson's Tesla 



Owen Wilson was the victim of grand theft over the holiday weekend. The tires and rims of his Tesla were stolen right in front of his house in Santa Monica.



Owen woke up Sunday morning to find them gone. He's looking at about $4,000 in losses.



No arrests have been made, but police are looking at neighborhood security cameras for any leads. Unfortunately, this has become pretty common in the area.



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A Phoenix man has been taken into custody after over 1,000 catalytic converters were found in a storage unit. Police say that the majority are believed to have been stolen from cars and they have a street value totaling over $200,000. 

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Don Mattingly's Son Drunkenly Crashed His Car, and Then Drove Straight to the Dealership to Try to Sell It




Drinking can impair your judgment . . . and drinking a LOT can impair your judgment a LOT.



Police in Evansville, Indiana started getting 911 calls about a drunk driver on Monday afternoon. Witnesses said an SUV was driving erratically on a highway, and crashed into the median. The crash caused a flat tire . . . and the car started to smoke . . . but the driver KEPT GOING . . . even when the tire fell off.



He eventually stopped at a car dealership, where people said he looked "super drunk." The employees say he was trying to SELL his now-damaged SUV.  (???)



The police showed up, and identified the driver as 30-year-old Jordan Mattingly. He's the son of former MLB star Don Mattingly, who's currently the manager of the Miami Marlins.



Officers say Jordan smelled of alcohol and almost fell several times. He had some White Claw in the SUV, and blew a .291 on a breathalyzer . . . that's 3.5 times the legal limit.  (Coincidentally, .291 was also his dad's batting average in the 1993 season.  True!) 



Jordan is facing "a long list of charges."

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A Car Thief Was Released from Jail and Was Arrested Again After Trying to Steal a Car in the Jail Parking Lot




If someone gets arrested for stealing a car, what do you think they're thinking about in jail? Maybe they're regretting what they've done . . . or maybe they're thinking about the next car they're going to steal.



A 21-year-old man in Nevada named Aidan Crowley was released from jail on Saturday after he'd been arrested for vehicle burglary the day before.  (It's unclear what the specifics of that case were.)



But Aidan apparently didn't have a ride home . . . so he attempted to steal ANOTHER car . . . in the JAIL PARKING LOT.  (???)



The Washoe County Sheriff says that Aidan was caught in the parking lot . . . inside a vehicle that didn't belong to him. So he was arrested . . . again.



The Sheriff is reminding all citizens to "lock the doors on their vehicle when unoccupied, and to remove all valuables from the view of would-be thieves" . . . even in jail parking lots.


 (Here's Aidan's mugshot.)

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Do you know how people say winning the lottery can RUIN you? A man in North Carolina won a $10 million lottery prize in 2017, but he's now been sentenced to life in prison for shooting and killing his girlfriend in 2020.  

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"The French Dispatch" Red Carpet - The 74th Annual Cannes Film Festival

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