"Top Gun" Set Records for Memorial Day & for a Tom Cruise Opening Weekend

The box office over Memorial Day Weekend was all about TOM CRUISE and "Top Gun: Maverick".



The movie broke the record for the biggest Memorial Day opening of ALL TIME domestically, with $126.7 million from Friday through Sunday . . . and $156 million if you add in Monday's total.



The previous record-holder was "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End", with $153 million.



This was also the biggest opening for a Tom Cruise movie, and the first time he's cleared $100 million or more.



Tom's previous best was "War of the Worlds" . . . which had a three-day opening take of $64.9 million in 2005.



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The house that inspired the first "Conjuring" movie just sold for $1.53 million. The new owner said they'll keep it open to the public for tours and paranormal investigations. Oh, and they believe there's an "energy" there, but it's not malevolent. 

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The Royal Film Performance & UK Premiere of "Top Gun: Maverick"

Photo: Getty Images

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