OnlyFans Model Made $375K in 2 Years by Sharing Photos of Her Hairy Armpits

Worcester, ENGLAND -- An OnlyFans model claims she has made more than $375K in two years by sharing content of her hairy armpits but says her sex life has suffered as a result. 

Fenella Fox, 28, from Worcester, stopped shaving her armpits in 2017 in protest against men's expectations of her. 

But while some men embrace her decision to grow out her hair others have branded her 'disgusting', 'dirty', and 'unhygienic'. She has only had sex twice in the last five years.

'I feel happy with my hairy armpits. I don't notice them so much anymore but they often do make me feel sexy and more womanly.


The 28-year-old said that not shaving has been 'life-changing' for her and she wishes more women would embrace their natural hair without shame.

She said her parents have been 'very supportive of her career. 

The model continued: 'I am very body confident thanks to my job so If I have the opportunity to be naked I'll take it.

She urged other women to embrace their natural body hair. 

However, she hasn't ruled out shaving further down the line, adding:

'I have felt the urge more since moving to a busy city to shave as I love the idea of exploring another more conventionally glamorous side of myself and seeing what comes of it (especially how men may treat me different) but I also hate the thought of the itchy days right after shaving.



Photo: Getty Images

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