Lookin' At Girlzzz: Ashley Graham, Eva Longoria, Claire Holt, Selena Gomez!

Watch Ashley Graham plays "Boobies On The Street"

Ashley Graham recently gave birth to a set of twins which surely set her fitness journey back a bit, but now she's getting deep into the fitness game as the new face of Knix Active.


Eva Longoria with Natasha Poly. WOW!!!


The Vampire Diaries star Claire Holt risks a wardrobe malfunction in a very low-cut purple sequined strapless gown


Drag Racer Summer Richardson is Worth a Look


Wendy O. Williams (1949 - 1998) The Princess of Punk and the lead screamer for The Plasmatics. She invented the electrical-tape-over-the-nipples fashion statement.


Wendy spent time doing LIVE SEX SHOWS before she hit the big time. She once said, quote, "It was just like working in a donut shop, except you didn't wear a paper hat."


She committed SUICIDE by shooting herself in the head. It was her THIRD attempt. In 1993, she tried to hammer a knife into her chest. But it got lodged in her sternum, so she changed her mind. In 1997, she tried to O.D. on ephedrine.


Although she came to a tragic end, Wendy O. Williams left us with a wonderful legacy of music, including such classics as "(Eff) That Booty""Put Your Love In Me" and the tender love song, "Sex Junkie".


Selena Gomez has a new hairstyle, and it's really important.


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Laverne Cox is now the first transgender Barbie doll. 

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Addition Elle Presents Fall/Holiday 2015 RTW And Ashley Graham Lingerie Collection - Spring 2016 Style360

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