Food: Dr. Pepper Dark Berry Back on Store Shelves for a Limited Time

Dr. Pepper Dark Berry soda is back for a limited time this summer. 

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The World's Largest Bottle of Whiskey Sold for $1.4 Million



The world's largest bottle of whiskey was just auctioned off, and it is huge. The bottle is almost six feet tall . . . and it contains 311 liters of 32-year-old Macallan single malt, which is roughly 444 standard bottles.  (That seems like a lot, but remember . . . we've just been through a rough couple of years.)  (???)



The bottle sold for around $1.4 million at auction in the U.K. The buyer was international . . . and ANONYMOUS, which is good because otherwise, the party would be at THEIR house this weekend.



The bottle was called "The Intrepid", and it was officially certified by Guinness World Records as the largest when it was bottled last year.  (Here's a photo.)

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The 10 Foods People Think They're the Best at Grilling



It's Memorial Day weekend . . . so you might be compiling a shopping list of stuff to toss on the grill. And if you're like most people, you're more confident about grilling certain things more than others.



A new poll asked people what they think they're the BEST at grilling, and not surprisingly, BURGERS were #1.  Also not surprisingly, MEAT SUBSTITUTES were dead last, behind FRUIT. Here's the list:



1. Burgers . . . 45% think they're the best at handling burgers.


2. Chicken . . . 43%


3. Hot dogs . . . 43%


4. Steak . . . 40%


5. Ribs . . . 32%


6. Fish . . . 29%


7. Veggies . . . 28%


8. Shellfish . . . 24%


9. Fruit . . . 24%


10. Meat substitutes, like veggie burgers, tofu, and tempeh . . . 22%



 (Most store-bought veggie burgers aren't meant to be grilled, especially frozen ones. If you DO have a vegetarian in your group, here are some tips. And here's a veggie patty you can MAKE that's grill-able.)

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Would You Drink an "Innovative" Beer That Was Made from Filtered Pee?



If you hand a LIGHT BEER to a craft beer snob this weekend, they might say something like, "Man, this tastes like . . . [pee]." And maybe it does. But over in Singapore, there's an "innovative" beer that's ACTUAL pee. Sort of.



It's a new type of beer, and it's made up of imported ingredients like German barley and Norwegian yeast, along with local "NeWater," which is PURIFIED LIQUID SEWAGE. But don't worry, it's gone through several rounds of filtration and stringent tests.



The locals are familiar with NeWater . . . and many of them don't mind drinking a brew made with it. That's because Singapore doesn't have enough safe drinking water for its population, so around half of the water they use is NeWater or desalinated sea water.  (One beer fan there said it "goes down smooth.")

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Glitter Cocktail Mixers are now something that exists.  

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Dr Pepper - 2016 College Football Roadshow - Nebraska at Wisconsin

Photo: Getty Images

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