54% of People Say Gas Prices Will Affect Their Memorial Day Plans . . .

Today is National Road Trip Day . . . and it's the start of Memorial Day weekend . . . so we're primed to hit the road. But will gas prices hold anyone back?


In a new report from "The Vacationer", 54% of Americans say gas prices WILL affect their Memorial Day plans. Based on the population, that's up to 138 million people.



But even if gas prices are a hard pill to swallow, it won't deter most people from leaving home. They'll just look to cut back how much they spend elsewhere.



32% of people say they plan to go on a road trip within 100 miles of their home . . . and another 24% plan to travel farther than that. Only 43% of people say they won't go anywhere this weekend.



More than half of Americans are headed to a barbecue or cookout . . . 13% are hitting up a beach . . . 9% are going to a lake . . . and other popular destinations include fireworks . . . movie theaters . . . sporting events . . . and a parade.



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