FOOD: Nabisco Is Selling an Oreo/Ritz Mash-Up

Nabisco Is Selling an Oreo/Ritz Mash-Up



Someone at Nabisco must have realized these two things are the same shape and size, so why not? But does this sound good to you?



A new mash-up of Ritz crackers and Oreo cookies will go on sale tomorrow. They're actually giving them away, but you have to pay $4 shipping. One half is an Oreo cookie with cream, and the other half is a Ritz cracker with peanut butter. So it's like shoving an Oreo and Ritz Bitz in your mouth at the same time.



Starting tomorrow at noon eastern, you can try to snag a box at But act fast. Once they sell out, that's it. It doesn't sound like they'll be in stores anytime soon.  (Here's a photo.)


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Today is National Wine Day. In a recent poll, 28% of people said they prefer red wine . . . 18% prefer white wine . . . and another 18% said they will drink anything. 

 (And if you'll drink ANYTHING, has a list of the best CHEAP wines. They include Beringer, Yellow Tail, and Trader Joe's.)

Would you eat fewer snacks if they were smaller? Word has it that there will be Doritos, Cheetos, and Sun Chips MINIs coming out this year.


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Wendy's may finally be debuting a Strawberry Frosty in the U.S. sometime this summer. It had a limited run in Canada last year. 

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Kim Kardashian is teaming up with Beyond Meat. You'll notice, however, that the burger Kim is "chewing" doesn't even have a bite taken out of it. And she appears to be fake-chewing throughout the video.

Miller Lite Invented a Beer-Infused Charcoal Called "Beercoal"



This is a dumb idea that deserved an equally dumb name: For grilling season, Miller Lite came up with a beer-infused CHARCOAL that they're calling "Beercoal." They also added a silly slogan: "Turn Miller Time into Griller Time."



They announced it last-minute and started selling them on their website yesterday for $12 a bag. They immediately sold out, but posted a note that said it'll be "back soon."



It's not clear if they'll sell it in stores or not. But within minutes, someone was already trying to sell a bag on eBay for $250.  (Miller's press release said it could be "purchased nationwide," but maybe that just meant online?)



Each briquette is infused with concentrated Miller Lite. So it's supposed to give whatever you grill a slight beer taste. They say the food cooked over it is "safe for all ages" though. So the charcoal itself won't get you drunk.  (Here's a photo.)

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Check out the new "Seinfeld" coffee collection. 

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Kroger(s) in Pasadena. Good luck juicing this week.

 Thomas Kolenc

Photo:  Thomas Kolenc

Kraft To Take Steps To Promote Health

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