Tom Cruise's Best Performances According to BuzzFeed 

In recognition of "Top Gun: Maverick" hitting theaters on Friday, "BuzzFeed" put together a ranking of TOM CRUISE's 21 BEST performances. Here are the Top 10:



1.  "A Few Good Men", 1992


2.  "Magnolia", 1999


3.  "Born on the Fourth of July", 1989


4.  "Collateral", 2004


5.  "Jerry Maguire", 1996


6.  "Interview with the Vampire", 1994


7.  "Rain Man", 1988


8.  "Tropic Thunder", 2008


9.  "Eyes Wide Shut", 1999


10.  "Edge of Tomorrow", 2014



(Surprisingly movies such as "Cocktail" and even the first five "Mission: Impossible" movies didn't make the top 21.)

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The Royal Film Performance & UK Premiere of "Top Gun: Maverick"

Photo: Getty Images

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