Food: Arby's Is Selling Burgers for the First Time

Arby's Is Selling Burgers for the First Time



It isn't every day that Arby's does something groundbreaking. This is why it's been able to carve out such a comfortable niche in the bottom half of America's favorite fast-food chains.



But now, Arby's is adding a BURGER to the menu. That may not seem groundbreaking . . . after all, Arby's "has the meats" . . . but this is actually their FIRST-EVER burger.



It's called the "Wagyu Steakhouse Burger," and it costs $5.99. For now, it's a limited-time item . . . available now through July 31st.



Arby's says it's a blend of Wagyu beef and ground beef and will be the "highest-quality burger the market has seen yet." They say they spent more than two years developing the burger.  (For just a two-month run? I'm guessing that if it's half-decent, it'll be back.)



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(Speaking of burgers, Heinz is running an "Art of the Burger" art show competition. Basically, they want you to design a perfect burger using their sauces . . . and then enter your artwork for a chance to win $25,000.)

The Most Ordered Food on DoorDash in 2022 Is . . . French Fries?



Some foods hold up better to delivery than others . . . but in the heights of the pandemic, we didn't have a choice. If you wanted a poached egg, you had to make it, or have it delivered.



DoorDash just released a report on restaurant-ordering trends so far this year . . . and the #1 menu item people are having delivered is FRENCH FRIES.  (???)



Fries seem like one of those foods that NEVER travels well. They get soggy and are probably going to be cold.



The second-most popular delivery item is burritos or burrito bowls, followed by chicken nuggets and chicken sandwiches . . . hash browns . . . and cheeseburgers.



The most popular cuisine on DoorDash so far this year is "American." Mexican is second, followed by Japanese . . . Italian . . . and Chinese.



Also, the pandemic is something we're just LIVING WITH right now . . . but DoorDash says people are still COOKING more . . . even more than they were last year. 



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Heinz Offers $25k And More For Best Burger Creation

National Burger Day is just around the corner (on May 28th) and Heinz is launching a nationwide competition called the “Art of the Burger” to find the ultimate burger creation.

Heinz wants burger lovers to “unleash their inner culinary artist” and “visualize every burger as a blank canvas, and its condiments as the accoutrement that can transform any burger into a work of art.” by using Heinz sauces and one of more of these themes:

  • Classical
  • Maximal
  • Minimal
  • Sculptural
  • Experimental

The winner will be featured on menus at BurgerFi this fall and the creator will be awarded $25-grand. Plus, 50 runners-up will receive custom Heinz Art of the Burger merch as well. To enter (the contest runs now through July 12th) submit a picture of your best burger creation to or use the hashtags #contest or #HeinzArtBurger on Twitter or Instagram.

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Walmart had to apologize for a Juneteenth ICE CREAM they were trying to sell.

 The actual flavor was red velvet cheesecake, but the label said "Juneteenth Ice Cream," and it looks like they tried to trademark it too. They said they "received feedback" from customers and decided to pull it from their freezer aisle.

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An Arby's Restaurant In Dawsonville, Georgia

Photo: Getty Images

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