Music: Metallica Is Releasing the Most Badass Turntable You've Ever Seen 

Metallica Is Releasing the Most Badass Turntable You've Ever Seen 



If you've got the money . . . and I'm talking pretty serious cash . . . METALLICA is releasing the most badass turntable you've ever seen this summer.



It's not just a boring square or rectangle. It's got jagged edges, kinda like the Metallica logo. It has an S-shaped tone arm, and a transparent platter that your record sits on.



Here's the catch: It costs $1,599. But that doesn't matter . . . when you see it, you're totally gonna want it. 

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The Offspring Releasing Greatest Hits Album

The Offspring released a Greatest Hits album in 2005, but there’s been a gap in their catalog ever since then that is about to be filled with the first-ever release of the record on vinyl. Three different versions of the album will be available on July 29th, including a black LP with a lyric insert, a limited-edition picture disc that had the flaming skull logo of the band, and a limited-edition version that comes with a slipmat with the flaming skull logo.

Preorders for all three versions are going on now on the band’s website.

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Five Finger Death Punch Singer Ended Up in the Hospital After a Laser Blasted Him in the Eye 



If you're . . . let's just say, "of a certain age" . . . then you probably remember the '70s, when bands like BLUE OYSTER CULT started using LASERS during their shows . . .



And lame moms and dads started freaking out about how they were gonna blind a nation of innocent kids. Well, maybe they were RIGHT.



On Thursday night, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH was performing at the Welcome to Rockville Festival in Daytona Beach. Due to the intense heat, singer IVAN MOODY started feeling lightheaded and almost passed out.



Somehow, he ended up tripping over a laser, and it shot him right in the eye. He was hurt badly enough that he had to go to the ER, where they put a patch on it. And he says he could be wearing the patch for a while.



The cool part of the story, though, is that Ivan posted videos from the ER, where he met several fans who came from the show with various ailments, like dehydration. And he was awesome with them. 

 (WARNING: The videos here and here contain profanity.)


Check out PORTUGAL. THE MAN's cover of "Santeria"

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Beastie Boys Announce Release Date For Check Your Head Re-Release

The Beastie Boys are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the release of Check Your Head this summer by giving fans a chance to get their hands on something that’s been very hard to get. A limited-edition reissue of the band’s rare four-LP deluxe version of the album was released in 2009 as an artist store exclusive, but now they’re bringing it back.

The box set will feature 2009 remaster of the original double album and two extra LPs of bonus content that includes remixes, live versions, and B-sides. You can grab a copy of the box set at participating independent record shops or on the official Beastie Boys website.

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MACHINE GUN KELLY got naked to promote his new movie "Good Mourning"

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Gerard Way Pays Tribute To MCR Fans That Passed Away

During the My Chemical Romance show at Milton Keynes, Gerard Way did something special. A fan showed up with a flag that had the names of MCR fans that have died over the past two years. The fan put the list together after reaching out to MCR fans online to see who had passed away since the band announced their concerts two years ago.

The fan passed the flag up to Gerard, who then held it up on stage for the crowd to see the names of those that were planning to attend a show during the tour that didn’t make it, saying “I think it was yesterday, a friend of mine told me that there were some people on the internet that had gotten a list as best they could of names of people that were gonna come to the shows.”

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Metallica With Greta Van Fleet - Las Vegas, NV

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