High School Student Signed a Letter of Intent to Accept a Job as a Plumber?

It's graduation season, and a high school student in Kentucky named Jacob Bradley signed a "letter of intent" last week. But it has nothing to do with an athletic or academic scholarship. He isn't even going to college.



He signed a letter of intent to accept a full-time job as a PLUMBER.  (???)



Skilled trade jobs are in high demand, and apparently, Jacob and a plumbing company called Fast Flow wanted to make it official now, just before he graduates.



It's unclear if this "letter of intent" has any real significance like an athletic scholarship can. It sounds like it's probably just meant to highlight the importance of having people pursue careers in skilled trades.



The school says this "signing day" thing is new to them . . . at least for signing with companies . . . but they'd like to continue doing it.



By the way, the job is not a surprise for Jacob. He found out about Fast Flow through a school event . . . and he's already been getting experience with them through a co-op program that's offered at the school. 

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Photo: Getty Images

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