Criminals: The Red Ranger on the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" Indicted...

Red Ranger on the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" indicted on fraud chargers!


The actor who played the Red Ranger on the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" was indicted on fraud charges related to the federal Covid-19 Paycheck Protection Program. 

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Crazy Criminal (Who was never a criminal at all) Follow Up


Remember two years ago, when a woman in New York called the cops on a Black guy and claimed he threatened her . . . but he'd done nothing wrong and was just out watching birds? Well, that guy is 59-year-old Christian Cooper, and he just got his own bird-watching show on National Geographic.

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A Furious Woman Called 911 . . . and Twerked . . . When McDonald's Got Her Order Wrong


 We've heard about people getting so heated that they call 911 when it's NOT an emergency . . . but this lady took it to another level.



A 22-year-old woman in Florida named Tianis Jones was arrested on Friday after throwing an epic tantrum at a McDonald's last Thursday. Tianis was upset because the restaurant messed up her order.



And she was MAD. Her 10-minute rampage included her running behind the counter and throwing things at the staff . . . calling 911 . . . and then walking out, but not before TWERKING in the doorway.  (???)



Before Tianis was caught, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd told the story in an amusing press conference, where he said she was "McMad" . . . was acting like a "McNut" . . . and created a "McMess."



She was charged with burglary with assault . . . criminal mischief . . . disorderly conduct . . . and misuse of 911



(You can find Judd's recount of the story at He shows the surveillance footage at the 3:25 mark. And the twerking is at 5:26.)

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An Amish Buggy Driver Was Charged with DUI After Crashing Into a Cop Car


There have been stories of Amish buggy DUIs . . . and usually the concern is that they'll cause OTHER vehicles to get into an accident, not that THEY'LL crash into something themselves.



A 21-year-old man in Ohio named Nathan Miller was charged with DUI back on Saturday, May 14th. He was behind the . . . horse . . . of an Amish buggy, that was seen going down the wrong side of the road.



A cop and a local deputy caught up with it and tried to get in front of the buggy to block it . . . but as it barreled past them, the officers saw that Nathan was drunk, and had PASSED OUT in the buggy.



It finally slowed down, and that's when the officers tried to board the buggy, and get control of the horse. That didn't work. The horse lunged forward, and the buggy crashed into a deputy's cruiser.



Eventually, Nathan was arrested. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt . . . although Nathan was treated at the scene for minor injuries.



(There's some wild bodycam footage in a news story at

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Lionsgate Presents The LA Premiere Of Saban's Power Rangers

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