One of the Kids from "Jaws" Is Now a Police Chief on Martha's Vineyard

This man obviously learned NOTHING from what Chief Brody went through almost 50 years ago:



JONATHAN SEARLE was a child actor in the original "Jaws" back in 1975. And now, he's the police chief of Oak Bluffs, which is on Martha's Vineyard . . . where "Jaws" was filmed.



Searle was part of a key scene in the movie. He and his real-life brother Steven played the two kids who caused a mass panic by swimming around with a FAKE FIN.



(Here's the scene. Jonathan is the one who says, "He made me do it!"  Careful: A guy says "Jesus Christ" at 1:37.)


Searle was born on the Vineyard and he's been a cop since 1986. And here's the best part: He once dealt with a SHARK HOAX from the other end.



In 2008, some guy reported two huge great whites swimming in the waters off Martha's Vineyard. Searle investigated and determined the guy was LYING. He was charged with disorderly conduct. 

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Photo: Getty Images

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