Kevin Costner Says It’s ‘Foot On The Gas’ For New “Yellowstone” Season

Kevin Costner is excited about season five of "Yellowstone." “The foot is still down on the gas pedal,” the Oscar winner told Us Weekly, adding “It’s holding up the way the first four seasons did. So, I was really happy about that.”

He says he’s happy about the scripts he’s read so far but doesn’t know much about what’s going to happen in the new season but says he thinks “the writing is really staying at a level that’s important.” Costner’s co-stars have been open that the show’s plots are kept secret until the last second. So it’s no surprise that Costner hasn’t seen much yet.

He was willing to give one almost tease when asked about his character’s ambitions for the governor’s office on the show, saying “You got to go vote. You got to go see if I make it or not.” "Yellowstone" is currently in production for season five, which is set to release later this year.

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"Yellowstone" Premiere

Photo: Getty Images

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