Music: Pearl Jam Reunite With Original Drummer Dave Krusen For Fresno Shows

Pearl Jam Reunite With Original Drummer Dave Krusen For Fresno Shows

Pearl Jam continues to deal with drummer Matt Cameron’s COVID diagnosis, and fans at their Fresno show this week got quite a treat. While Josh Klinghoffer once again filled in behind the drum kit for several songs, the band also brought out original Pearl Jam drummer Dave Krusen, performing with him for the first time in 31 years. 

Krusen, who was part of the band’s very first recording sessions and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with them, understandably sat in with the band, mostly on songs from their debut record “Ten.” In fact, the band played all but two “Ten” songs during the Fresno show, leaving out “Oceans” and “Release.” He also played on the “Singles” track “State of Love & Trust.” 

  • Meanwhile, frontman Eddie Vedder was also ill during the show, battling a stomach bug, sharing that the last time he felt as bad was before the band’s June 1995 show in San Francisco, in which he left after seven songs and was replaced by Neil Young.
  • During the Fresno gig he got help not only from the audience but from guitarist Stone Gossard, who sang his track “Don’t Gimme No Lip,” and from Josh, who sang most of the band’s cover of “Purple Rain.” Check out video

Surprising Artists Who've Never Had a #1 Hit 



Some of the biggest artists in the world have never had a #1 hit on the Hot 100. Here are some that might surprise you:



1.  One Direction. They did get to #2 with "Best Song Ever" . . . and Zayn Malik and Harry Styles have hit #1 as solo artists.



2. Shania Twain.  "You're Still the One" hit #2, and that was her peak.



3.  Missy Elliott. Her biggest hit was "Work It", at #2.



4.  R.E.M. Their biggest hit was "Losing My Religion", which made it to #4.



5.  Metallica. Surprisingly, "Enter Sandman" only made it to #16. But "Until It Sleeps" made it to #10.




6.  Green Day.  "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" has been their biggest hit so far, at #2.



7.  Pearl Jam. Their biggest hit was a COVER:  "Last Kiss" made it to #2.



8.  Demi Lovato. She's only made it to #6, thanks to "Sorry Not Sorry".



9.  Bruce Springsteen. His highest charter made it to #2. Any guesses what it was?  "Dancing in the Dark".



10.  The Backstreet Boys.  "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)" was a #2 hit for them.



11.  Sheryl Crow.  "All I Wanna Do" only made it to #2.



12.  Nirvana. Hard to believe, but "Smells Like Teen Spirit" only made it to #6.



13.  Imagine Dragons.  "Radioactive" was only a #3 hit.



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Neil Patrick Harris Apologized for His 2011 Amy Winehouse Corpse Dish 



NEIL PATRICK HARRIS apologized after a photo of a buffet platter from his Halloween 2011 party resurfaced. It was designed to look like the rotting corpse of AMY WINEHOUSE.  (See the photo here.)



Amy died July 23rd in 2011 from alcohol poisoning. So this Halloween dish came only three months after.



Well, Neil acknowledged the distasteful joke in an interview with "Entertainment Weekly". He said, quote, "It was regrettable then, and it remains regrettable now. 



"Amy Winehouse was a once-in-a-generation talent, and I'm sorry for any hurt this image caused."



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And it's come to this:  VINCE NEIL did a cheesy ad for a short-term loan company.

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Yungblud Announces Self-Titled Third Album

Yungblud was one of the first artists to embrace performing on livestream at the start of the pandemic, and he did it again this week to talk about his new album and get a new tattoo on his ribcage from Emily Malice.

His self-titled third album is set to drop on September 2nd on LOCOMOTION/Geffen Records, and the singer said on Instagram that his message remains the same, namely to be his authentic self and encourage others to do the same thing, but the new music comes after he “went to a part of myself that I didn’t know was there.”

Yungblud is in the middle of a European tour and is set to come back to North America for a slate of fall concert dates and festival appearances.

32nd Annual Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony - Show

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