First Couples to Marry Over Zoom Has Divorced, and They Still Haven't Met

There's been so much talk about PANDEMIC ROMANCE: There are the couples that split up, because they couldn't stand being around each other 24/7 . . . the couples who grew stronger after quarantining together . . . and the couples who MET and even got MARRIED over Zoom.



And now, one of the first couples to marry remotely while in lockdown . . . is DIVORCING virtually.



A 26-year-old British woman named Ayse Reeves filed for an annulment from her American husband, 24-year-old Darrin Martin, just THREE MONTHS after marrying him. And they STILL haven't met in person.



They met online during the quarantine . . . and things were good up until recently. Ayse claims Darrin was unfaithful, and now she can't trust him anymore. She says his ex has confirmed that she and Darrin are back together.  (And that they're SLEEPING TOGETHER . . . so that isn't a Zoom thing.)



Ayse says, quote, "It wasn't the fairytale ending I had hoped for."  ("The Sun" has an interview with Ayse talking about the relationship before the split.)

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