Music: Taylor Hawkins Wasn’t Sure He Could Continue With Foo Fighters

Taylor Hawkins Wasn’t Sure He Could Continue With Foo Fighters Prior To Death


Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins passed away back in March at age 50, and now a new “Rolling Stone” article is lifting the lid on the final days before his death. In short? It reveals that in months leading up to his passing, he questioned whether he could continue in the band.

The article talks to several friends, including Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron, who says he “had a heart to heart” with frontman Dave Grohl about it. Matt notes, “he told me he ‘couldn’t f***ing do it anymore’ – those were his words.”

But the band did continue touring, with Taylor on board, and Matt notes, “I guess they did come to some understanding, but it just seems like the touring schedule got even crazier after that.” (A rep for the Foo Fighters denies the meeting happened.)

Another friend, singer Sass Jordan adds, “honestly I think he was just so tired. Tired of the whole game.” Another source says Taylor was assured the band would have a lighter touring schedule, and “he had every reason to believe that would happen,” but it didn’t.

As Cameron notes, “he tried to keep up. He just did whatever it took to keep up and in the end he couldn’t keep up.” (A rep for the Foos denies he had issues with the touring schedule.)

According to the piece, things got so bad that friends say in December Hawkins lost consciousness on a plane in Chicago. At the time, it was reported as 'a member of the Foo Fighters.' Red Hot Chili Peppers Chad Smith says Taylor said he was “exhausted” and had to be pumped “full of IVs and stuff.” (A rep for the band says this isn’t true.) Smith says after it happened Hawkins told him “I can’t do it like this anymore." 

What about the drugs reportedly found in Hawkins' system? His friends don’t believe he was using hard drugs recreationally. Said friend Chad “Yeti” Ward: “Since (his overdose more than two decades ago), he never wanted Dave to worry about that again.”

And other friends insist that there was no way Taylor was doing drugs before a show. “Taylor never played f***ed up in his life," says Yeti. “He always played sober as can be. That was a show day. So for somebody to say that he was doing drugs that day that is just about the most false thing anybody could ever say about him." To that point, you might recall the initial toxicology report form Colombian officials. It had 10 different substances - from pot to antidepressants and opioids - in Hawkins' system.

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Hey Rod, I’m sure you’ve already been sent this multiple times but just in case you haven’t it’s definitely worth a watch. It goes from sad and solemn to beautiful funny and joyous.

Have a Kleenex handy.


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Liam & Noel Gallagher Haven't Seen Each Other in 'About Ten Years'

Former Oasis leaders Noel and Liam Gallagher have a famously contentious relationship, which caused the band’s break-up in 2009. It’s a regular occurrence to see one brother saying something unflattering about the other in the media, although they established a company together last year. Despite that, it’s been about a decade since the two have actually seen each other in person.

In a new Esquire interview, Liam said, “The last time I saw Noel was at a football match about ten years ago. It’s a shame, isn’t it?” In a perhaps-related quote, he added, “The good times outweigh the bad times. I think it’s best to just leave it at that.”

He also noted he has some regrets about Oasis’ break-up, saying he thinks the band could have done more before they called it quits. He said, “Everyone goes on about us being the biggest. There were plenty of places where we could’ve been bigger. We were the biggest thing in England. And we were pretty big in Japan. But we weren’t that big in America, not at all. We never played stadiums in Spain. There was a lot more work to be done, so we shouldn’t have split up, because we could have made more records. It’s a shame. I’m talking about Oasis. I like to think Oasis will get back together, but not this week.”

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Check out Corey Taylor playing the "SpongeBob SquarePants" theme during an acoustic show in Florida over the weekend.  

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Does Your Favorite Color Dictate Your Favorite Rock Bands? 



Ever heard of color psychology? It's basically the study of how colors influence behaviors and moods.  Big Think did a study a few years ago of what colors say about your personality. 



But "Loudwire" took it a step further and applied it to the rock world. Here is a list of colors, along with associated personality traits AND bands that embody those same traits. Find yours:



Black: You're pretty serious . . . maybe TOO much. And you're probably also dark and a bit pessimistic, but it's okay. After all, you're a unique individual, just like Type O NegativeBlack Sabbath, and Korn.



Red: You're a bit more outgoing and upfront than most. You have a sense of adventure and are always looking for new ways to get an adrenaline rush. Your impulses might get the best of you and you might intimidate others, like Ozzy OsbourneSystem of a Down, and any band Devin Townsend is in.





Orange: You're the social one of your friend group. You're also a free and creative spirit who enjoys parties and any other social event . . . a total extrovert, much like Van HalenMotley Crue, and Andrew W.K.



Yellow: You are a kind and adventurous spirit who sees the good in everything. You're known for being an optimist with cheerful energy . . . like DragonForceTwisted Sister, and Greta Van Fleet.



Blue: You're laid back and easygoing. You're peaceful and compassionate, while still being strong. Just because you're not bold, doesn't mean you're soft . . . just like ToolSpiritbox, and Alice in Chains.



Green: You're likely a practical person and down-to-earth. You enjoy helping others, but it's possible you also have a jealous side. See Dio and Alice Cooper.



Purple: You thrive on creativity and crave individualism. You're able to tune out nonsense and focus on what you want like RushMuse, and Thrice.



White: You probably get along well with those who identify with Blue because you are calm, peaceful, and you like things clean and orderly. You make a great equalizer because you're grounded and can offset any bold energy of those around you like Fleetwood MacPink Floyd, and The Police.

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I Am the Highway: A Tribute to Chris Cornell

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