Criminals: There's a "Kool-Aid Man" Trend That's Causing Broken Fences

There's a "Kool-Aid Man" Trend That's Causing Broken Fences in Nebraska 



There's been a series of damaged property complaints around Omaha, Nebraska recently . . . mostly damaged fences and walls. And it sounds like the perp was . . . THE KOOL-AID MAN. Sort of. 



Apparently, there's a trend of kids mimicking the Kool-Aid Man by throwing themselves through structures on people's properties.  There's even Ring camera footage of a few teens bursting through a fence. 



Last week, sheriff’s deputies in Sarpy County issued criminal mischief citations to NINE kids, who they say ran and jumped into fences in various neighborhoods around the county.  It's unclear how much the citations were for. 



At least eight properties were hit, with an estimated damage of several thousand dollars per house. 



It's unclear if this was a stupid idea by THIS group of teens . . . or if it's part of a broader social media trend.  (Omaha World-Herald)   



(Here are some old Kool-Aid Man ads.  And here's a sketch "SNL" did a few years back, where people try to STOP a trend of Kool-Aid Man destruction.) 


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A Thief Stole "Gazing Balls" . . . That Contained the Ashes of the Victim's Parents 


  If you're into garden décor, you're familiar with GAZING BALLS. They're those decorative glass spheres that are mostly in gardens to look nice. But some people believe they have other benefits . . . like warding off evil and bringing good luck. But that "warding off evil" thing doesn't always work. 



A homeowner in Austin, Texas named Gail Hines caught someone stealing her gazing balls on her Ring camera last Wednesday.  The thief got away . . . but in the footage you can see AND hear him collecting the balls and driving away. 



But these gazing balls happened to also contain the ASHES of Gail's PARENTS. 



Gail's parents died during the pandemic, so she had their ashes put inside a couple of custom gazing balls . . . and they were among the ones stolen. 



The thief is still on the run, and Gail is desperate to get her parents back.  She's asking that the thief return the gazing balls, or for anyone who has any information to email her at:   



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A woman stole a Tesla from a resort in Las Vegas last Friday . . . and she was caught after crashing it into ANOTHER Tesla at a charging station. 

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A 19-year-old woman in Florida was arrested for driving recklessly.  She told the cop that getting arrested was "on her bucket list since high school."  

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