Lookin' At Girlzzz: Emmy Rossum, Madonna, Emma Hernan, Nicole, Kelly + More

The fake boobs EMMY ROSSUM had to wear for her upcoming limited series "Angelyne" gave her blisters. 

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'I’m giving birth to art and creativity': Madonna defends herself against backlash for her graphic NFT videos featuring 3D depictions of her vagina

'Bikini dump since it's almost summer: Selling Sunset's Emma Hernan

Happy Birthday Debby Ryan is 29. 

 The star of Disney Channel's "Jessie" and the Netflix series "Insatiable"

Nicole Scherzinger in a hot pink bikini as she shares more insight into her sun-soaked Cancun getaway

KELLY OSBOURNE and her boyfriend, SLIPKNOT member SID WILSON, are expecting their first child. 

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The FDA just approved a safe sex aid called Lorals, which is a women's undergarment that can be worn during oral relations that prevents sexually transmitted infections. Even better, it supposedly tastes like vanilla COOKIES

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Sunday Birthday... Jamie-Lynn Sigler is 41.  

Meadow Soprano on "The Sopranos".  She played herself on "Entourage", where she dated Turtle  . . . then spent a year actually dating the actor who plays Turtle in real life, Jerry Ferrera

Kendall Jenner struggled to properly cut cucumber on the latest "Kardashians" episode and the Internet called her out on it. 

She was a good sport about it though and even commented "Tragic!" to a Twitter user's reaction.

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2021 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

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