It's Friday the 13th! Here is what we think is BAD LUCK!

It's Friday the 13th, and the only one this year.  The next one isn't until January.  So, do you think it matters, or is it just another day?  A new poll found one in five people DO think it's unlucky.  How many of these other things are you afraid of? 



1.  Walking under a ladder?  21% of us think it causes bad luck. 


2.  Stepping on a crack?  12%. 


3.  Breaking a mirror?  21% think it's unlucky. 


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4.  Black cats?  15%. 


5.  Seeing an owl?  10% think it's a sign something bad will happen. 


6.  Opening an umbrella indoors?  19% think it's unlucky. 

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7.  The number 6-6-6?  21% are superstitious about it. 


8.  Being on the 13th floor of a building?  Ironically, 13% think it's unlucky. 


9.  Passing a cemetery without holding your breath?  8% think it causes bad luck.  And 6% say the same about tunnels. 

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10.  White lighters?  8% think they're unlucky.  

(There's a myth that Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Kurt Cobain had white lighters on them when they died.) 


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The survey also asked about things that bring GOOD luck.  Here are ten lucky things we're superstitious about . . 



1.  Knocking on wood?  26% think it stops bad things from happening. 


2.  Throwing salt over your shoulder?  15%. 


3.  Finding a penny heads up?  22%. 


4.  Saying "bless you" when someone sneezes?  27%. 


5.  Crossing your fingers?  20%. 


6.  Ladybugs?  17%. 


7.  Seeing a shooting star?  28% think it's lucky, or you can wish on it. 


8.  Finding a four-leaf clover?  24%.  And 26% think seeing a rainbow is lucky. 


9.  Making a wish at 11:11?  13%. 


10.  Making a wish while blowing out candles?  28% think birthday wishes are legit. 



Here are a few more:  Getting the big half of a wishbone, 18% . . . hanging horseshoes, 12% . . . blowing on dice, 14% . . . and 17% think "beginner's luck" is a real thing. 



The poll also found one in three Americans have a lucky charm of some kind. 

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