The Death Of The Apple iPod Announced.

Apple discontinued the iPod yesterday. 

So, the price of used iPods will SOAR on eBay . . . briefly . . . and then people will realize that no one wants iPods, and that's why Apple killed them.  (Apple is NOT Netflix. As long as people will overpay for a white piece of plastic, they'll gladly keep selling it.)



The first iPod debuted on October 23rd, 2001, and over the years the product line included: The iPod Classic, which was killed in 2014 . . . the iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle, which were discontinued in 2017 . . . and the iPod Mini, which was pulled in 2005.



The iPod Touch was the last one standing, and Apple says it'll only be available "while supplies last." And even though the iPod itself is done, the relevant aspects of the iPod continue to live on in iPhones and other Apple products.


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