Hilary Duff Went Nude in "Women's Health" Magazine 

HILARY DUFF went nude for the latest issue of "Women's Health". But she freely admitted that a makeup artist put glow all over her body and someone posed her in the most flattering positions.

Still, she's proud of her body and has made peace with it over the years. Quote, "I think that at 34 I have just gained a lot of respect for my body. It's taken me all of the places I need to go . . . helped me build a beautiful family . . .

"I feel like the older I get, the more confident I get in my own skin. And my body's been many different shapes and sizes and I'm really just fascinated by, one, being a woman. And two, all the changes that your body can go through throughout your lifetime."

Hilary said she wants to work on what's on the inside, as it's the "most important part of the system". 

She has three kids, a 13-month-old daughter Mae and three-year-old daughter Banks with her current husband, and a 10-year-old son Luca from her previous marriage.

(You can watch her "Women's Health Body Scan" video here.) 

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