Food: Old Bay Seasoned Goldfish Crackers Are Now a Thing

Old Bay Seasoned Goldfish Crackers Are Now a Thing



There's a certain cross-section of America that'll be very excited about this: If you love Goldfish crackers AND Old Bay seasoning . . . well, you can probably guess where I'm going with this.



Official Old Bay-flavored Goldfish are now a thing that exists. You can find them in stores nationwide. If not now, then soon.



Pepperidge Farm owns Goldfish and partnered with the McCormick spice brand, which owns Old Bay. It's not their first collaboration. 


They just did a limited run of Frank's Red Hot Goldfish last year. 


(Here's a photo of the Old Bay version.)

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Today is National Shrimp Day.


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Oh, Honey! Doughnuts From Krispy Kreme Are Here

The world’s first-ever Honey Doughnuts are here from Krispy Kreme and they are calling them Oh Honey! Here’s a look at the new offerings:

  • Honey Pull Apart Doughnut – Described as a light, airy glazed honey doughnut clusters drizzled with salted honey icing.
  • Honey Bee Doughnut – An original glazed that is dipped in yellow icing and decorated with black buttercream and two mini cookie ‘wings’.
  • Honey Cake Doughnut – A glazed sour cream cake doughnut drizzled with honey icing with an oat crisp topping.

The Honey Pull Apart Doughnut is available individually and in a 4-doughnut package, while the Honey Bee And Honey Cake donuts are available to add to your own dozen and also in the Honey Lover’s Dozen. And for those really feeling the ‘bee vibe,’ every Honey Lover’s Dozen will have bee-friendly wildflower seed paper for planting (while supplies last).

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Back in the '70s, a couple who owned a restaurant in Ontario used to let people trade stuff for food instead of paying. 

And now a painting they once got for a grilled cheese sandwich is expected to sell at auction for $27,000.

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War Against Iraq Continues

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