Food: Here Are 9 Secrets Denny’s Doesn’t Want You To Know

Here Are 9 Secrets Denny’s Doesn’t Want You To Know

Denny’s was founded almost 70 years ago in California and while they’ve been around for ages, it turns out there are some things that the company probably doesn’t want you to know about some of their menu and such. Here are a few:

  1. The Grand Slam Breakfast is a ‘slam’ to your health – It’s been popular for years, but according to Nutritionix, the meal has 844 calories, 477 from fat, 1,626 mg of sodium, 15g of saturated fat and 654 mg of cholesterol on average. Definitely not a healthy choice.
  2. You can get refills on almost every beverage – Coffee, tea, soda, lemonade, iced tea and any soft beverages excluding milkshakes or smoothies can get you a free refill.
  3. Denny’s uses powdered or bagged eggs for most egg dishes – Unless you ask for “real” eggs or “shell” eggs you will be receiving processed eggs for egg dishes except fried eggs with unbroken yolks.
  4. You can get an AARP membership for 15% off at Denny’s – Anyone can get an AARP membership regardless of age starting at $12 per year and as an AARP member you get 15% off at most locations.
  5. Denny’s has a history of racism – The company paid out $54.4M to settle a 1994 discrimination suit. Denny’s was accused of repeated racist behavior including asking black guests to prepay for meals and seating black and white diners apart from each other. Essence magazine claims that some black guests were asked to pay before they were served as recently as 2020.
  6. The Fit Slam isn’t a healthy meal at all – While it’s only 450 calories and 12-grams of fat, it contains 22-grams of sugar…which is half of an adult’s daily limit and 860mg of sodium.
  7. The Lumberjack Slam is great for customers, but not for Denny’s – This meal is $12.79 which gets you two pancakes, two eggs, four rashers of bacon or sausage or ham and two slices of toast. If ordered ala carte, it would cost $21.14. On the health side, this meal clocks 45-grams of fat, nearly one-thousand calories and 3,500mg of sodium.
  8. Denny’s Milkshakes Are Calorie Bombs – The Cake Batter Milkshake contains 1,310-calories, 69-grams of fat, 38-grams of saturated fat and sugar content off of the charts.

Now you know!

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A Guy Didn't Add Milk to His Cereal, and It Punctured His Lung



Sugary cereal isn't great for you, but I didn't realize it was THIS dangerous: A college student in Australia named Harry Long is in the news after writing a story for "The Guardian" newspaper . . . about how cereal once PUNCTURED HIS LUNG.  (???)



It happened when he was 16. He doesn't like cereal with milk, because it makes it too soggy. So he always eats it dry. It was a brand called Honey Stars that looks like Honey-Combs but was star-shaped.



It turned out he was eating too fast and INHALED a piece, but didn't realize. He had severe pain for about 30 minutes, but it went away once his lung fully collapsed. He didn't find out that happened until his dad got an ear infection a WEEK later and took him along to the E.R.



He told a doctor that he'd been having trouble breathing, and they figured out what happened. He was in the hospital for five days but says it hasn't scared him away from cereal at all. He even still eats it without milk.

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The fast-food chain has asked people to tag a health care worker in the comments on their social media pages and write something about their exceptional efforts. Starting May 9th, Chipotle will start choosing two-thousand winners from the comments. The lucky heroes will win a yearlong supply of free Chipotle and be notified by direct message.

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