Someone Wrote an Angry Note on the Hood of a Car Parked Across a Sidewalk

We've all come across TERRIBLE parking jobs . . . some are inconvenient, and some are also dangerous. But other people's parking isn't worth getting THAT hot over.



A woman in Australia is upset because someone vandalized her elderly parents' car, which WAS parked so that it at least partially blocked the sidewalk in front of her house. They were there to watch her kids while she was away.



She says her father parked the car awkwardly on the driveway because her mother has trouble getting around, and it helped get her closer to the house.



In any event, a neighbor apparently saw the car . . . freaked . . . and wrote "FOOTPATH" ON the hood of the car in permanent marker. And it wasn't a small note, it covered the whole hood of the car.



The woman shared the story on Facebook, and said the vandalism was way out of line. She said the person could've just asked for the car to be moved, or left a note on paper. She's also asking for leads on who damaged the car.



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Photo: Getty Images

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