IG Tattoosday: Viking Barbie⚔

Brother Rod, I have to be honest I got her featured a few years ago when you were out to visit your mom in the hospital but I thought she deserves a little extra attention since Jelly Roll was said 763 times last week. Not only is she gorgeous, but she can sing. I’ve included a link of her singing Creep by Radiohead with none other than Jelly Roll. This was my introduction to him like y’all all had last week. Please feature her again and say my name because I didn’t marry a woman I’m afraid of, I married a woman that understands and supports me and my need to send my favorite radio show ridiculous stuff! Why would anyone do anything differently? Do y’all like living scaroused??? Also, watch Ted Lasso damnit! There is no character today that is MR. LIGHT TIGHT & BRIGHT like Ted Lasso is! I’ve been listening since the FOBH2H champions went into Spinatto’s parents attic!!! 2 Fanny Friday top 10’s and two in Alex’s top 10 in 2020. 1 in Alex’s top 10 last year and a top 10 milf in 2021. This will be my 20th feature if you run her! Basically, I’m the GOAT of IG T&A. Cue the f’n song!!!😂🤣😂 Brandon


Now listen to her sing, please!

Thanks, Bro.  She is going to do great on Tattoosday! Thanks for sending it. Rod


If you have or see an awesome Instagram that we should feature just send a link to rod@thebuzz.com and TELL ME WHY I SHOULD RUN IT!



Here is Viking Barbie⚔ and why she has 11.2 Million followers.


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