3 Things You Must See From The 'net: Baby Shark, Sloth, TikTok Challenge

1.  A Kid's Zipline Ride Is Stopped by a Sloth Blocking His Path 

A video has gone viral of a boy going down a zipline above a rainforest, and crashing into a SLOTH that's ON the line. The kid and the sloth were not hurt. But the boy had to wait for the sloth to get out of the way, which took about 15 minutes. This happened last Sunday at the Go.Adventure Park in Costa Rica. See the video!

Photo: Photo: Via Storyful Viral YouTube

2.  Passengers on a Plane Soothe a Cranky Toddler, by Singing "Baby Shark"
Can you imagine a bunch of passengers on a plane singing "Baby Shark"? You would've joined them if you were on this flight out of Dubai last week. They did it to calm down a crying toddler, and it worked.  See the video and sing along!

Photo: Image: VIRAL! YouTube

3.  Watch Head-to-Head Eating Contests Between a Guy and His Bulldog

If you haven't seen this: A TikTok'er in England has been racking up the hits with his "bulldog challenges." He puts two rows of treats on the kitchen floor, gets down next to the pup, and they race to see who eats the most. See the video, and try it yourself!

Photo: Photo: Image: bulldogpabs on TikTok

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