Sex, Jail, Blood or Fame 2022 Edition

First of all, this first pick is of us on September 4th, 2021, Buzzfest, to remind you of the green hat. 

Hello Brother Rod!

Big weekend for 307! 


FAME: We played at the midget wrestling Friday night @ BFE and met Stevie Ray of WCW fame. (Picture of our bass player Grayson with Stevie)

BLOOD: Our manager saved our two huge dogs' lives at the expense of trashing her hand. 

SEX: Well, you can’t win ‘em all. 

Have a great week! 

Kellen, Grayson, and Josh 

307 Departure

He’s helping me clean up some stuff at the house from a bathroom remodel, and a piece of metal caught his finger and ripped it open.

David Hand.

Hey Rod,

Two weeks in a row, we got a chance to meet David Koechner from Anchorman and The Office.

He was up here performing at a local comedy club.

Incredibly nice guy and a really good one-stage.....

Dallas Daniel.

Hey Rod,

Been a while since I've sent one of these in, but we were down in San Antonio for a fan convention, and we met Ewan McGregor.

Incredibly nice guy, really personable, and seemed to genuinely enjoy interacting with the fans...

Dallas Daniel.

Photo: Dallas Daniel

Bro Rod


For FAME over the weekend, I attended the Houston Horror Film Festival, I met the actor who played Michael Myers, James Jude Courtney, in the new Halloween sequels, including the new one they released the trailer over the weekend. Super nice guy, I even met him at the hotel bar where they held the event that we were staying at. 

Welcome back from vacation. Blood for me. The grinder wheel exploded while I was cutting some steel. Glad it wasn't the money maker or baby-makers. 

Good Morning, 


I know ya'll don't do sex, jail, blood, or fame much anymore, but I got to meet Vanilla Ice this Sunday. He was playing at Bicentennial Park in Baytown. Very nice guy.


I love the show!!! Have a great day ya'll 



Photo: Wendy Griffin


If I remember correctly, you used to have a segment about the weekend's worst injuries. I think I might have a shot. 


I took my son fishing a few weeks back, and I was bitten by a brown recluse spider. I tried my best to avoid the emergency room: went to a walk-in clinic to get my shots and antibiotics, cleaned it aggressively, and kept it on ice and elevated. Things escalated quickly though. I had to eventually go to the ER where I was diagnosed with necrosis, cellulitis, and a MSRA staph infection. I watched the ER doctor take tweeters and scissors and cut a chunk out of my leg. I spent 3 more days in the hospital on IV antibiotics and daily treatments for debri'ing and wound care. On the bright side, my pics from the injury made Imgur's most viral page twice! Here's the links:



Extra gnarly pics for good measure:


Another silver lining is I received the all-clear from the surgeon to fly out to Denver for the Glass Animals concert at Re Rocks Amphitheater (I had bought non-refundable front row tickets). 


Hope you enjoy it! 


Best Regards, 

Cody Morgan

Photo: Robert Rodriguez

I had a game moment last night. I got to meet Lacuna Coil before their show at the House of Blues. We all had to wear a mask but it was still lots of fun. I’m the big guy in the middle next to lead singer Cristina Scabbia. 

Long time listener,

Robert Rodriguez

Listener Josh Esquivel with The Nature Boy Rick Flair.

Photo: Josh Esquivel

Hey Rod,

This is my daughter’s fame from last weekend in Vegas.


Photo: Marti McAnulty

Hey brother Rod!!! I got to meet Royce Gracie at work! Nicest guy ever!

 Carmen Douglas

Photo: Carmen Douglas

Brotha Rod … great seeing ya the other night at Arc Angels…

Sat I worked a private show at Post Oak hotel .. Hagar performed..he is such a good dude .. 74 yrs old brotha.

Arnold Hernandez.

My friend Kevin was the drum tech this weekend for the Sammy Hagar show. He’s the drummer in the cover band Green for a day. 

Gabriel Klemin

Rod! Took my husband to dinner last night to celebrate his birthday and sat at the bar for two hours hanging out with none other than Ric Flair! Got to take a shot with him and got him to do the famous WOOOO!! Badass birthday.

Jillian Jones

Brother rod I got some blood for you in a basketball accident and I got video from it.

Jose Gomez

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