Food: How To Win A KEG Filled with Chili Cheese Dip

How To Win A KEG Filled with Chili Cheese Dip



Whoever wins this should do a keg stand, and then make a beeline for the closest bathroom: The makers of Hormel Chili just unveiled a KEG filled with CHILI CHEESE DIP. And one lucky . . . or unlucky . . . person will have it on hand for the Super Bowl.



You can sign up to win it at this week, and they'll deliver the keg on Super Bowl Sunday, February 13th.



It holds 15 gallons . . . or 1,000 servings . . . of chili cheese dip. And I don't know why they're bragging about this: But if you ate it all in one sitting, it would be 10,000% of the calories you're supposed to have in a single day.  

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A Tab superfan is begging Coca-Cola to bring the soda back because her stockpile has dwindled to just 23 12-packs. She has launched a campaign with other diehards . . . but for now, Coca-Cola isn't budging.

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