Check Out These AMAZING Ice Rescues Up North!

Kid Saves Kids With Hockey Stick

A 16-year-old kid near Philly named Cory Hemberger saved two younger kids who fell through an icy pond last week. He was out playing hockey when he heard the first kid fall in. Then the kid's friend tried to save him, and he fell in too. So Cory got as close as he could, and used his hockey stick to pull them out.

Speaking of Ice: 


Four ice fishermen in Vermont saved a deer that got caught on a frozen lake. It was exhausted and couldn't get its footing, because it had been out there for hours. So they managed to wrangle it, then put it on a sled and got it back to shore. They said it turned a "bad day of fishing into a good day" overall.

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The Big Blizzard in the Northeast Broke Several Big Records



The Northeast is still digging out of this weekend's blizzard. Some places got over TWO FEET of snow on Saturday. And a few spots had close to hurricane-force winds. Some areas of Cape Cod saw wind gusts over 80 miles an hour.



Here are a few of the biggest records broken:  Boston got 23.6 inches of snow on Saturday. That ties its record from 2003 for most snow in a single day, and they've been keeping those stats since 1892.  Atlantic City crushed its record for most snow in the month of January . . . over 33 inches, up from 20.3 inches in January 1987.

It was also the snowiest January 29th on record for Philadelphia, and for New York City by a longshot.

 Central Park got 7.3 inches on Saturday, beating the old record of 4.3 inches set 118 YEARS ago in 1904. Luckily, some of that snow should melt as temperatures rise later this week.

A Boston Reporter in a Blizzard Asks Two Guys About Tom Brady



The Bomb Cyclone dropped over two feet of snow in Massachusetts. Boston's WCVB-TV sent reporter Peter Eliopoulos (Elly-opolis) out to cover it. But the part of his report that's making the rounds is when he interviewed two local guys. 



After talking about the weather, they switched to more pressing Boston news, like Tom Brady's retirement, will Rob Gronkowski be next . . . and where to find an open Dunkin' Donuts in a blizzard.



(Here's the interview. He starts talking to the guys at 1:04 . . . and they switch to Tom Brady at 1:53.)

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The Northeast had a LOT of snow this weekend . . . and one person in Connecticut almost burned their house down on Saturday, when they tried to melt the snow outside their house with a FLAMETHROWER.  

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A couple in Rhode Island got married outside during the blizzard on Saturday.

 They'd been planning on the 29th for over a year, so they just went for it. They tied the knot on the front steps of the Providence Public Library.

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