Woman Shows Boyfriend Positive Preggo Test & He Thought It Was a COVID Test

There was a time long, long ago, when a young couple's most common at-home test was about a PREGNANCY. But a lot has changed.



A new TikTok video is making the rounds, where a woman shares a text conversation with her boyfriend. She tells him she figured out why she feels sick, and shares a photo of an at-home test showing she's positive.


The guy freaks. He asks if she's joking . . . he drops some expletives . . . and he tells her not to panic.

 And then he says: "Well, we're both gunna have to isolate for 10 days." That's when she clarifies that it's a PREGNANCY test, not a COVID-19 test. At that point, he just says "OMG" and it cuts off.



Some people are skeptical that it's real . . . because during the confusion, she says that she's already told two people, and it would be odd for her to tell them before her boyfriend. Also, she's telling him in a TEXT. But the woman insists it's legit.

In any event, one commenter joked: "10 days isolation?? 

Try 18 years." And that was seconded by . . . Buffalo Wild Wings.  (???)  Their official account added, "You got a lot more than 10 days dude."  

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