Lookin' At Girlzzz: Dolly Parton's Warlocks Insured? Ariel, Madonna + More!

Did Dolly Parton Ever Insure Her Warlocks?


Despite what you may have heard, Dolly Parton has never insured her boobs. She was asked about it on Wednesday's "Today Show", and she told Hoda and Jenna that it's not true. She said she joked about it once, and that got the rumor started.


Happy Birthday Ariel Winter is 24. 

 Alex Dunphy on "Modern Family".

Madonna… Where Did “Dat Ass” Come From… (Keep Scrolling!!)

Eldest Kardashian, 42, shows off her curves in a bottom-flashing sheer mini dress - complete with nipple accessory

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From Dallas Daniel… 

Charli XCX on TikTok

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Kylie Jenner Is Being Called Out for Recycling the Same Products in Her Cosmetics Line 

Kylie Jenner is under fire over her Kylie Cosmetics because fans say she just "recycles" the same products and colors over and over again. Drag queen TRIXIE MATTEL also accused Kylie of copying her heart-shaped lip gloss packaging.


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Khloe Kardashian posted some pictures of herself in a skintight outfit, with the caption, "Betrayal rarely comes from your enemies." A message to TRISTAN THOMPSON, perhaps?

Okay, LIZZO's getting a little freaky on TikTok. But what I really wanna know is, who's the guy? 

 (WARNING: The clip contains profanity.)

Sorry, Rod…

Paris Hilton wants to name her future daughter London because, quote, "it's my favorite city and I think Paris and London sound cute together." 

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The 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Roaming Show

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