Criminals: Bills Fans Busted…Caught BRAGGING On Social Media!

Bills Fan Busted…Caught BRAGGING On Social Media!


A Western New York couple is now being charged after using fake COVID-19 vaccination cards to get into the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots playoff game from two weeks ago. 

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How About Some GOOD NEWS On This Blog Page…

A cop in South Dakota is going viral after he arrested a DoorDash driver for outstanding warrants . . . then delivered the Arby's order that was sitting in the guy's car. 

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A Man Was Finally Caught After Driving Without a License . . . for 72 Years


What's the longest you think you could get away with doing something illegal . . . I'm not talking about sharing your Netflix password.



On Wednesday, an 84-year-old man admitted to police that he'd been driving without a license. Not just on that trip, and not even for a couple of years. He's NEVER had a license, and he's been driving for 72 years . . . since he was 12.



And even when he was finally caught, it wasn't for a wreck or a traffic infraction, it was TECHNOLOGY. His car, a blue Mini, was flagged by a traffic camera for being unregistered . . . and so the cops pulled him over.



This happened in the U.K., and the local police say they were "gentle" with him, meaning he probably wasn't hit with a serious charge. But in addition to not being licensed, insured, or registered . . . ever . . . there's another problem: He's old.



The police said, quote, "[He was] hard of hearing, his reactions were poor, and he was very unsteady on his feet." So he wasn't safe even if he was "road legal."



It's worth pointing out that it's unclear how much this guy had driven. He did apparently have an unregistered car, but this would be easier to get away with if he wasn't out and about often. 

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Someone Tried to Smuggle Cocaine . . . Inside 20,000 Coconuts


 A lot of stupid criminals have hidden drugs in OBVIOUS places . . . thinking that they'll somehow get away with it. Like hiding a brick of cocaine inside an air-tight bag . . . and writing "COCAINE" on the front.



So maybe we should call these people STUPIDLY CLEVER CRIMINALS?



A gigantic shipment of 20,000 coconuts was confiscated at a Colombian port recently, just before the coconuts were supposed to be shipped out to Italy. And that's because the coconuts were filled with LIQUID COCAINE.



It's unclear how the scheme was discovered . . . but it's possible that security scanners would be able to detect the unusual density inside the coconuts.



This sort of thing has been attempted in the past. Basically, someone uses a syringe to extract the real liquid . . . then pumps it up with liquid cocaine . . . and covers the hole with resin.



The coconuts are currently being analyzed at a lab. The case is still under investigation, so it's unclear who was sending the coconuts . . . and who was receiving them.  

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A Guy Attacked His Girlfriend Because She Didn't Find Cristiano Ronaldo Attractive


This guy is awful. But I also wonder why he has SUCH strong opinions about this . . .



A 31-year-old in England named Ross Flynn was recently watching soccer videos with his girlfriend and ATTACKED her . . . because she didn't think CRISTIANO RONALDO was hot.  (???)



Ronaldo plays for Manchester United now. And if you don't know what he looks like, trust me . . . he's a smoke show. But Ross's question was even more specific than that. He wanted to know if she thought Ronaldo was hotter than her EX-BOYFRIEND.



She said she's not attracted to Ronaldo, so she picked her ex. And that's when Ross HIT her several times. Luckily, she's okay, and he's in prison.



The ex she was talking about actually passed away a few years ago. So it's not like he was a threat or anything.



Ross basically told her Ronaldo is the hottest man in the world. So if she thinks her ex is hotter, then she obviously thinks her ex is hotter than HIM too.  (???)



She told cops Ross had been abusive before, and he also has several other convictions on his record. So a judge threw the book at him, and he'll be locked up for at least the next four years. 

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New York Jets v Buffalo Bills

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