The Original Voice of Charlie Brown Committed Suicide 

Original Charlie Brown voice actor Peter Robbins passed away at age 65. His family broke the news that he committed suicide last week.

At just 9 years old he was the first person to voice Charlie Brown back in the '60s. His first appearance was on 1963's "A Boy Named Charlie Brown" . . . a TV documentary about "Peanuts" creator Charles Schulz.

Peter was also in "A Charlie Brown Christmas" in 1965 and "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" in 1966. He last voiced Charlie in 1969, because by then he was 14 years old and had to be replaced by a younger voice actor.

He also made guest appearances on various TV shows, like "The Munsters", "Blondie", and "My Three Sons". Peter stepped away from acting though due to struggles with addiction and mental health. 

In 2015 he was sentenced to more than four years in prison for sending threatening letters to multiple people. When he was released in 2019, he said he was, quote, "much more humble, grateful, and thankful that I lived through the experience."

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