Food: Tyson Is Selling Heart-Shaped Chicken Nuggets for Valentine's Day

Tyson Is Selling Heart-Shaped Chicken Nuggets for Valentine's Day



Tyson is selling heart-shaped chicken nuggets for Valentine's Day . . . because nothing says romance like reconstituted chicken parts molded into the shape of a valentine.  (???)



They had them last year too, but you had to win a bag. This time, they're selling them in stores nationwide, including Walmart. And they're doing a different giveaway instead . . . a special PEN that holds dipping sauce and lets you write on the nuggets, so they look like Conversation Hearts.



They're only giving away 250 pens, and it's happening next week. On Monday, go to Tyson's Instagram page and look for a new post about it. Then reply to it . . . tag your Valentine . . . and use the hashtags #SayItWithNuggets and #Sweepstakes.  


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Would you like to bake like Dolly Parton? 

She teamed with Duncan Hines to launch Dolly's Southern Favorites . . . "coming soon to a retailer near you!" There are Southern Style cake mixes and buttercream frostings . . . and even a Dolly-inspired spatula. Hit up for details.


McDonald's Is Selling a Chicken Big Mac in the U.K.



How is this not an option here yet? Starting next Wednesday, McDonald's will start selling a CHICKEN BIG MAC with chicken instead of burgers . . . but only in the U.K.



It's just like a regular Big Mac, but with two fried chicken patties. And they're just testing it, so it'll only be on the U.K. menu until March 15th. A few countries in the Middle East already have it on their permanent menu though. So it's not a totally new thing.



It's not clear if they plan to test it here anytime soon. So if you want one, the best you can do is hack it. Just order a Big Mac, but ask for McChicken patties instead of burgers. They might charge you more though.  

(Here's a photo.)


The average attempt to be vegetarian lasts . . . three months. 

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The makers of Fruity Pebbles are trying to get us to snack on them with the new "Pebbles Shake Ups," which feature a combination of cereals. 

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Don't Like Paper Straws? Try Using Candy as a Straw Instead



There are very valid reasons why plastic straws are on the way out and paper straws are on the way in. But let's keep it straight: Paper straws aren't as good. They get soggy. They feel weird on your lips. They're not as good.



So if you're not into carrying metal straws with you everywhere you go . . . since metal straws aren't for everyone . . . maybe you'll like this.



According to someone on the Life Hacks subreddit in Reddit, we should swap out straws for . . . CANDY.



If you bite the ends off a Twizzler or Red Vine, you can drink your drink through it . . . and give your drink a little bit of extra flavor, too. Plus the candy will hold up way better than a paper straw.



Sure, you're also taking in some sugar and you've got to remember to bring licorice with you to restaurants . . . but that's a small price to pay for something so delicious.



And then, when you're done drinking with your Twizzler straw, you can eat it. You're welcome. 

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A Chick-fil-A employee is sharing the fast-food joint’s secret menu.

The worker spilled the info on TikTok. Here’s what you can get: a spicy chicken biscuit, a specialty coffee with Oreos, and bacon in your mac and cheese. There’s more info, which you can see in her vid.


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Study Links Ultra Processed Foods To Cancer

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