Where All My Brujas At?~Witchtok Is Gaining Popularity on TikTok

The witch community on TikTok has exploded. Videos shared on the app with the #WitchTok hashtag have over 23 billion views, and the community shows no sign of slowing down. TikTok witches are sharing spells online and promoting their magic, with users like@theemusesgetting almost three million likes on videos.

Another member of the WitchTok community,@Pheobemcegan, has 4.9 million likes and over 18 million views on a video that seems to show her controlling smoke with just her mind. 33-year-old tarot readerAdam Wethingtontold USA Today that the community is “so relevant right now because we learned last year we can’t control things.”\

Here are some of my go to accounts:


TO GO WITH AFP STORY A young woman looks

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