A Man Thought He Had a Hernia . . . Turns Out He Had a Uterus

It seems like you'd see a doctor a little sooner if THIS was your main symptom . . .

A 67-year-old man in Kosovo recently showed up at a hospital and said he'd been having "swelling in his GROIN" for about a DECADE.

Doctors didn't know what the issue was but thought it might be a hernia. He also told them he only had one of his FAMILY JEWELS, and the other one never descended. So they thought that might have something to do with it too.

Turns out they were a little right and a whole lot wrong. He did have a hernia . . . but he also had a UTERUS.  (???)

When they did the surgery to fix the hernia, they found the missing family jewel, but also found a uterus . . . a cervix . . . a fallopian tube . . . and one ovary.

It turned out he was born with male AND female reproductive organs, which is really rare. What he has is called Persistent Mullerian duct syndrome, and only 200 cases have ever been recorded.  (It's like being born a hermaphrodite, but different.)

They removed everything that shouldn't be there, and apparently, he's doing fine now. And even though he went 67 years without being diagnosed, it didn't affect him in the baby-making department. The guy has three kids.  

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Photo: Getty Images

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