Employee Decorated His Cubicle, and Created an Elaborate "Rustic Cabin"

After more than a year of customizing their Zoom backgrounds, returning office workers may want to deck out their cubicles. Like THIS guy:

A guy named Lucas Mundt recently got a job at a company called Simple Modern, and he went to his boss and asked if he could pimp out his cubicle. The boss said sure . . . so he did . . . and Lucas REALLY went to town.

He made the whole thing look like a "rustic cabin," including a faux wood finish on the floor and walls . . . stuffed animal heads on the walls . . . a fake fireplace, and a decal of an open window with a peaceful lakeside view.

He even bought a chandelier for the space but thought that might be too much.

The CEO of the company was so impressed that he documented the design on Twitter . . .

posted a video of Lucas giving a "tour" of the cubicle . . . and then said that he was giving every employee a "workspace personalization and decoration budget," and challenged everyone to get creative with their space.

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Photo: Getty Images

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