Criminals: Passenger Mooned a Flight Attendant After Refusing to Wear Mask

A Passenger Mooned a Flight Attendant After Refusing to Wear a Mask

We've seen so many stories about idiot plane passengers, you've gotta do something pretty special to stand out. Like this: A 29-year-old Irish guy is facing charges after he refused to keep his mask on during a flight from Ireland to New York this month . . . and MOONED a flight attendant.

His name is Shane McInerney. He was flying Delta first-class on January 7th and had to be told DOZENS of times to keep his mask on during the eight-hour trip. He also kept kicking the seat in front of him and threw an empty can at a passenger's head.

While they were serving dinner, he got up from his seat to complain about the food . . . pulled his pants and underwear down . . . and mooned a flight attendant, along with several passengers.

The pilot came out to talk to him at one point. During that exchange, Shane put his own hat on the pilot's head for some reason . . . then threatened to beat him up. No word on whether he'd been drinking or not.

The flight almost got diverted to another airport but ended up landing in New York. And during the final approach, Shane refused to stay in his seat.

It turns out he was on his way to Florida to start a new gig as a soccer coach in Daytona Beach. It's not clear if he's still got that job or not, but he's facing up to 20 YEARS in jail for interfering with a flight crew, which is a felony. 

(By the way, Shane's a pretty big boy. He was a kicker at Peru State College in Nebraska last year, listed at 6'4" and 249 pounds. Here's a photo.)

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A Texas woman was arrested for allegedly trying to purchase someone else's CHILD at a Walmart checkout. 

She reportedly offered $250,000 for the kid . . . was rejected . . . and then upped the offer to $500,000.

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An elderly woman in Canada got her car stuck in a snowbank on Friday. 

Fortunately, a 20-year-old Good Samaritan offered to help . . . but then he ended up CAR-JACKING her at knifepoint. She wasn't hurt, and the carjacker was later caught and arrested. 

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A Grandma Turned the Tables on a Scammer and Set Up a Sting Operation

We've seen a million stories about grandparents getting scammed out of money. So it's pretty satisfying to see someone turn the tables like this . . .

A 73-year-old woman on Long Island got a call last Thursday that was supposedly from her grandson. She doesn't want her full name released, but her first name is Jean.

The guy on the phone claimed to be her grandson and said he needed bail money because he'd been arrested for drunk driving. The thing is though, Jean doesn't have a grandson old enough to drive. So she knew it was a scam, but decided to play along.

After a few more calls back and forth, she talked to someone claiming to be her son's lawyer, who said he needed $8,000 to bail him out. Then someone who claimed to be a bail bondsman told her he'd come to pick the money up.

But during all this, Jean was also on the phone with POLICE, who set up a STING OPERATION.

When the guy showed up, they were hiding inside. Then she handed him an envelope stuffed with PAPER TOWELS. And once he walked off with it, they ran out the door and tackled him on her front lawn.

The scammer's name is Joshua Gomez, and he's 28. It's not clear if he was pretending to be all the people she talked to, or if he was working with other people. But he's now facing charges for attempted grand larceny. 

(Here's his mugshot.)

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