Peter Billingsley Is Back for a "Christmas Story" Sequel 

Peter Billingsley will return as an ADULT Ralphie in a sequel to the 1983 classic "A Christmas Story" . . . called, "A Christmas Story Christmas"(???) It'll debut on HBO Max.

This one takes place in the 1970s, with Ralphie returning to the old house on Cleveland Street to, quote, "deliver his kids a magical Christmas like the one he had growing up."

He also "reconnects with childhood friends [and] reconciles the passing of his old man."

So far, Peter is the only original cast member announced for the sequel. His mom will be played by Julie Hagerty from the "Airplane" movies.

Ralphie's mom in the original was played by Melinda Dillon, and she's still alive. There's no word why she's not coming back. Ralphie's dad was played by Darren McGavin, who died in 2006.

It'll be interesting to see if they bring back Scott Schwartz. He played Flick, the kid who gets his tongue stuck to the icy pole.

Scotty spent the '90s in the X-Rated industry . . . managing porn stars and appearing in NON-SEXUAL roles in several skin flicks.

The narrator, Jean Shepherd . . . who also wrote the film based on his own childhood . . . passed away in 1999.

There have already been two sequels to "A Christmas Story", but you may not have known about them . . . because they STINK. And they both have completely different casts.

There was "My Summer Story" in 1994, and "A Christmas Story 2" in 2012.

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