FOOD: Oscar Mayer Is Selling a New Bologna-Inspired Beauty Mask

Oscar Mayer Is Selling a New Bologna-Inspired Beauty Mask

Oscar Mayer is now selling a bologna-inspired "face mask." Unfortunately, it's not public, pandemic-style mask . . . it's one of those beauty masks that people put on at home to moisturize their skin.

The mask is pink, like a slice of bologna, and it sort of resembles how kids will bite holes in the slices for their eyes and mouth, and hold them up to their face. And that was the inspiration for the mask. 

They started selling them on Amazon yesterday for $5.00 apiece. They say they'll sell them "as supplies last" . . . but last we checked they were marked as "currently unavailable." It's unclear if they're already gone, or if there will be more.

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The Food Trends of 2022 Will Include: Instagramable Meals and '90s Snacks

Push that bottle of "purple stuff" aside, and reach for some Sunny D. Kroger just put out a list of FOOD TREND predictions for 2022, and they're expecting '90's foods to trend even harder this year.

They say things like Pizza Bagels, corn dogs, and fluffernutter sandwiches could see a resurgence. The rest of their top ten include Instagramable meals . . . umami flavors . . . "everything" bagel seasoning . . . tequila, and tequila mixers . . .

Plant-based foods . . . natural beauty products . . . charcuterie . . . locally-sourced foods . . . and things for specific diets that are "good enough to share." Meaning, they might be vegan or gluten-free, but your gluten-loving friends will still like them.

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Smashburger Offers $5 Double Classic Smash Deal TODAY

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It's National Coffee Break Day. Coffee breaks are very important to a person's workplace experience.

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Coca-Cola Launches New Products And New Look

Coca-Cola is launching new products as well as an entirely new look to their line of flavors this year.

  • Back in January 2021, they launched a line of cola infused with coffee, and the new flavor for 2022 is Coffee Mocha.
  • There’s also a brand-new look for their general product line including Cherry, Vanilla, and Cherry Vanilla. The company says the new look will feature “a modern design with vibrant, colorful cans to quickly communicate flavors and a bold, dominant script to hero Coca-Cola’s branding.”

And get this, the company is rolling out a fleet of self-driving robots to deliver directly to customers’ doorsteps while supplies last. To receive a taste of the new products before they officially hit store shelves, you can submit your delivery address to

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Kraft To Take Steps To Promote Health

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