IG Fanny Friday: Dominique Asgeirsdottir

Rod, I have the perfect Friday IG feature. I am trying to get back on Alex’s good side since he threatened to block me on Twitter and there have been talks of kicking me out of the Gravy Gang. It involved Read my lips and Manuary.  I know this Alex will like her because he already follows her. She is very pretty and has a nice smile. For the ladies, she has a hot boyfriend who is a former Dude of the Day who I followed.  Check her out. 


Thanks, Ashli with an I... If Alex doesn't take you back after this, he will be put on leave. Ha  Rod

If you have or see an awesome Instagram that we should feature just send the link to rod@thebuzz.com and TELL ME WHY I SHOULD RUN IT!

Here is Dominique Asgeirsdottir and why she has 684K followers.

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