Rod’s Play Pants All New Podcast with a Foo Fighter Top 5!

Check out the boys on Episode 36 of Play Pants. Rod and long-time friend Jason Ginty talk about how Jason almost KILLED his family on Christmas break.

Mardi Gras is actually ON right now. Jason gives us a behind the scenes of what is already happening in New Orleans.

Dave Grohl is turning 53 on Friday. We review the full trailer for the Foo Fighters new movie Studio 666 and do our Top 5 Favorite Foo Songs All-Time!

Super Wildcard Weekend in the NFL. Jason pulls out our predictions from the start of the season, and we discuss the games this weekend.

Final thoughts and were out in about an hour and a half. Hope you enjoy!

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Watch the full episode to see if these dorks are as goofy looking as they sound…

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