Crazy Criminals: A Guy "Busts" a Cop for Speeding

A Guy "Busts" a Cop for Speeding

A guy in Jacksonville, Florida "busted" a cop for speeding, and posted the video online. He's on the side of the road with a radar detector, and it clocks a Sheriff's car doing 36 miles per hour in a 15 miles per hour School Zone. 

The cop sees him, so he stops, hits the flashers, puts it in reverse, and comes back to ask, "what's up." When the guy tells him how fast he was going, the officer says he "tried to hit his brakes." The guy says, "You're busted, man" so the cop leaves.

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Some thieves dressed up as Amazon drivers and pulled off a home invasion in Connecticut. 

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A North Carolina man was rescued after climbing up an electrical tower and staying there for four hours. 

20,000 people were without power in order to help save his life.

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Two Roommates Were Charged with Felonies for a "Glitter Attack"

Some criminals get their weapons on the black market . . . others just go to their local Michaels.

Two female roommates in Florida were arrested on Monday, after allegedly perpetrating a "glitter attack" on a male victim.

According to police, 29-year-old Sarah Franks and 27-year-old Kaitlin O'Donovan were outside the man's residence at 3:00 A.M. and began arguing with him while he was standing on his fenced balcony.

It's unclear what they were arguing about . . . but they began throwing GLITTER at him. One of the women jumped the fence and threw more glitter. Then she made her way into his apartment . . . opened the front door so the other woman could enter . . . and then they threw MORE glitter at him. (???)

They ran off . . . but the cops later found them, and they knew they found the right women because there was a TRAIL OF GLITTER leading to their vehicle.

Both roommates were hit with a felony charge of "burglary with assault or battery." 

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A Husband and Wife Both Got Busted for Drunk Driving in the Same Car, on the Same Night

In a marriage, it's important to have a few things in common. Like maybe you both like to play Pinochle. Or this . . .

A guy in Wisconsin got caught driving DRUNK early Sunday morning while his wife was with him . . . 40-year-old Sara Stowell. (It happened in Boscobel, Wisconsin, about 70 miles west of Madison, right near the Iowa border.)

Then while he was being arrested, Sara decided to go home. So she jumped in the driver's seat . . . drove off . . . hopped a curb . . . and crashed into a utility pole.

It turned out she'd been drinking too, and was also over the limit. So right after he got arrested for drunk driving, she did as well.

Luckily, she wasn't hurt in the crash. But their car was damaged enough that it wasn't drivable and had to be towed.

They're both facing separate charges for operating while intoxicated. 

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Fire At Philadelphia Residence Leaves Over 10 Dead

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

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