Food: Arby's New Sandwich Is So Spicy, It Comes with a Milkshake

Arby's New Sandwich Is So Spicy, It Comes with a Milkshake

Can this sandwich really be THAT spicy, or is it just a clever marketing scheme? Arby's has a new menu item called the Diablo Dare Sandwich. And they claim it's so hot, they HAVE to give you a free milkshake to go with it.

There's a brisket version and a chicken version, and they've both got five spicy ingredients: They come with a spicy seasoning . . . ghost pepper jack cheese . . . diced jalapenos . . . Diablo barbecue sauce, made with four types of peppers . . . and a Diablo bun packed with chipotle pepper flakes.

It'll be around for a limited time through February 6th. 

(Here's a photo. Carl's Jr. had a sandwich a few years ago called the "El Diablo." And maybe we're running out of ideas, because the tagline for that sandwich was, "We Diablo Dare you.")

Twinkie-Flavored Coffee Creamer Now Exists

Hostess has been selling Twinkie-flavored Keurig pods for several years. But if you need your coffee to be even Twinkier than that, here you go. Now there's also a Twinkie-flavored CREAMER.

The brand International Delight is selling it. It looks like they partnered with Hostess, so it's an official version, not a knock-off. And it's a limited run for now, only available until July.

Hostess actually called for this a few years ago . . . or, the person running their Twitter did anyway. Back in 2017, they posted a doctored photo of what a Twinkies creamer might look like. And they begged the, quote, "coffee gods" to make it happen. I guess those prayers have finally been answered.

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Wendy's has three new frosty sundaes, including one that's topped with Lucky Charms marshmallows.

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Katy Perry Came Out with a Non-Alcoholic Drink Line 

Katy Perry just came out with a non-alcoholic drink line called De Soi. They're sparkling "aperitifs" with "adaptogens" . . . which are usually drinks you have before dinner, but these have ingredients with health benefits.

Katy said, quote, "I'm 37, so I definitely can't drink like in my 20s . . . On a weekday, having a couple [of alcoholic drinks] will take me out of the presence game for the next day or two. So I like to have a bit of self-control . . . it's about balance."

She explained that "De Soi" is French for "pleasure with restraint." The drinks come in cans and bottles in three different flavors: citrus . . . strawberry and grapefruit . . . and blackberry with rose.

Katy added, quote, "I love herbs. I love alchemy. I love wellness. And I love the feeling of some of these different adaptogens. [They] will help brighten your mood or help ease you into the evening."

Oh, and the drinks are gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO and don't have any artificial flavoring. A 25-ounce bottle or a 4-pack of 8-ounce cans cost $25.

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An Arby's Restaurant In Dawsonville, Georgia

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

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