Criminals: Houston Mother Stuffed Her Teenage Son in the Car Trunk Because?

Houston Mother Stuffed Her Teenage Son in the Car Trunk Because She Thought He Had Covid

Last week, a 41-year-old woman in Houston, Texas named Sarah Beam was worried that her 13-year-old son had contracted COVID-19. So she stuffed him IN THE TRUNK of her car and drove him to a testing site. (???)

When she got there, she admitted that the kid was in the trunk. She told health officials that she didn't want to catch it. But naturally, they were concerned, and told her that they couldn't do anything until he was placed in the backseat.

Security footage shows her letting him out, and putting him in the backseat. It's unclear if he was cool with being in the trunk . . . but it's illegal either way.

Sarah was charged with felony child endangerment, and a warrant is out for her arrest. The son had apparently tested positive at home, and Sarah was taking him to the site for "additional testing."

And get this: The testing site was run by a school district . . . and Sarah was a TEACHER at that school district. She's on administrative leave now though.

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A Colorado man was caught on a doorbell camera defecating on a child's picnic table and stealing a scooter on Christmas morning.

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A Guy Caught with Drugs Claimed His Pants Belonged to Someone Who's Two Feet Shorter

This defense was never gonna work. But at least make sure the height discrepancy isn't so big . . .

A 37-year-old guy named Brandon Cihak got pulled over last Wednesday in Mankato, Minnesota. (About 75 miles southwest of Minneapolis.) And cops found a bag of METH in his sweatpants.

But Brandon claimed it was a mix-up. He said the drugs weren't his, and the PANTS weren't either.

He said he borrowed the sweatpants from someone else and gave them the person's name.

But they knew it was a lie because Brandon is 5-foot-11 . . . and the person he tried to blame it on is 4-foot-1.

He's facing a felony drug possession charge. 

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(Here's his mugshot.)

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