1st TESS TALK of 2022 ~ Betrayal, Plastic Surgery, and Therapy OH MY!!!

If anyone saw even one of my IG pictures or stories from over the summer you probably thought I was living the dream...

Partly, I was (on the weekends) but my living situation had turned into a living hell. I, like many people during the 2020 pandemic was thrust into a relationship. What had started as a lovely courtship, fun dates, and mystery quickly turned into quarantine together. I look back and think, was I just too scared to go it alone? No way!!! I am the girl who'll gladly pull up to a bar solo, drive to my favorite hiking spot on weekends alone, and choose a (very good) book over a night out with my peeps. I chose to open up to someone because I had gotten my dream job, was 35 years old and methodically thought, well this is the time to do the relationship thing. Turns out, you can attempt to be perfect and still be blind-sided harder than Terry Tate office linebacker. Pain is a part of life right? People have it worse right?? Ok. Alright. That's fine; but what happens when it's your job to be a fucking ray of sunshine day in and day out. Well, hopefully listening to this podcast can clear some of that up. Please enjoy 2022's first episode of Tess Talks and buckle the hell up, because we've got some MAJOR healing to do.



(As always you can email me at tessa@thebuzz.com )

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