Criminals: Two Parents Left Their Kid 'Home Alone' During the Holidays

The parents in"Home Alone"didn't get in trouble because they left their kid at home by MISTAKE. It would have been a darker movie if they'd done it on purpose . . .

A couple in Arizona just got arrested after intentionally leaving their 11-year-old son home alone for the holidays.

They live in Elfrida, Arizona, just north of the border with Mexico. And it actually happened before Christmas.

The mom is 34-year-old Melissa Green, and she left town just before Thanksgiving. The dad is 40-year-old Bobby Jo Green, and he left just after Thanksgiving.

Cops got a tip and found the kid home alone during a welfare check on December 12th. So it sounds like he'd been there by himself for two full weeks.

Luckily, he was okay and had enough to eat. But he hadn't been to school in two weeks. Child Protective Services took him in.

Melissa and Bobby Jo got arrested on December 29th after they FINALLY came home from their trip. It's still not clear where they went. They're facing charges for child neglect. 

(Here are their mugshots.)

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