A Family Discovered Old, Wrapped Christmas Presents in Grandparents' Attic

A Family Discovered Old, Wrapped Christmas Presents in Their Deceased Grandparents' Attic

You've probably heard of parents who hide their kids' Christmas presents and then FORGET about them. But they're usually found a few days or weeks later. Not YEARS.

A family in Central Florida recently went through their grandparents' attic. The grandfather died in November . . . and the grandmother passed in 2015. 

And they discovered a big box of wrapped Christmas presents, which the grandparents had bought them YEARS before. They know that because some of them said they were from the grandmother.

The family believes they could've been from 2014. They weren't able to make it out to see their grandparents that Christmas and their grandmother died soon after, so that might explain how the presents got stashed away and forgotten.

Or maybe their memories were fading. One of the now-adult granddaughters opened her two gifts, and they were BOTH pink Snuggies. (???)

Even stranger, the family also found cards with cash in them from their GREAT-grandparents that were at least 20 years old, because that's when THEY died. 

It's so coincidental that some people online think that stuff might have been intentionally left for them to find. 

(They posted videos on TikTok. Here's the original video. Here's the opening of the Snuggies. And here are the old cards with money in them.)

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Photo: The Chili

Photo: tiktok.com/@hollybrooke92

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